Not Your Sacrificial Offering

I’m going to start this by saying that this is likely to be the least impartial post I have ever done for this blog. It is also the one most likely to cost me friends. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me hesitate, because some of them are quite dear to me. But I also cannot keep quiet about this.

For those who have been living in a cave for the past year, we are in a…contentious Presidential election cycle here in the good old USA. In the right corner, we have a demagogue billionaire and a Holy Roller. In the left corner, we have a former First Lady and a Socialist radical. If you’ve been living about 100 feet below the surface of that cave, it may come as a surprise that the contenders in each corner are busy duke-ing it out with the other occupant of that corner. For the record, my preferences lean leftward.

But this is not about me. This is about my fellow leftward leaners who have decided that if their preferred candidate is not the victor in their corner by the time the dust settles, they will either refuse to vote in the general election or vote for whoever is still standing in the right corner of the ring because, well, this country is fucked unless their candidate wins, so they might as well raise their middle finger one last time.

Here’s the problem I have with that. Both of the candidates in the left corner of the ring have included some form of affordable health care as part of their platform. Neither of the candidates in the right corner do. In fact, were it up to them, the current provisions for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would be completely dismantled and insurance companies would be free to raise their premiums to pre-ACA levels.

Given my various health issues, no insurance company will take me on if there is no regulation of cost. Well, OK, they might…at exorbitant premiums. So in short, while I do have a preferred left-corner candidate, at least both of them have some provision for affordable health care. Oh, and just to stop-thrust the “BUT YOU JUST WANT SOMETHING FOR FREE!!!” bullshit — Yes, I have a job. I work for myself. And yes, I pay my quarterly estimated taxes like clockwork. I don’t expect anything for free out of my government. I just want it to be affordable.

So to those of you in the left corner who have declared you will refuse to support anybody but your preferred candidate: Why the fuck are you telling me to be your sacrificial offering? I presume that you would be able to afford your health care premiums without government assistance, since you would gleefully light that I GOT MINE ,JACK bonfire if the candidate you support doesn’t get the nod. So you’re set. Awesome for you. But seriously…do you just not give a shit about me — or people like me — that you would happily throw us onto that bonfire just so you can dance around it naked in some sort of FUCK ANYBODY BUT ME ritual?

No, really — I want to know. Use short words, and make me smart. Because I’ve spent the good part of the last month coming up with a contingency plan as to what I will do in the event that either candidate in the right corner of the ring actually gets to sit in the Big Chair. Yeah, bet you don’t have to worry about that, do you? Of course not. Because that’s for people not you to worry about. And goodness me, how much that sounds like things coming out of the right corner of the ring.

So c’mon. Hit me with your best shot. Tell me why I should get to fall on my sword in the name of your ideology. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere just yet. At least not until after the general election.


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1 Response to Not Your Sacrificial Offering

  1. Word! Likewise I am so sick of hearing people bitch about “supporting welfare families” etc with their taxes. Firstly, many if not most of the people who get SNAP or some assistance have also worked or still work and aso have pad taxes into that system. WHy shouldn’t they get help? Secondly, the same people complaining about “freeloaders” seem to be oblivious to the government freeloaders on their “tax payroll.” Or maybe they just find it easier to point the finger at regular people than they do to tackle the real issue. When people bitch about how Obamacare sucks because coverage costs them so much more, all I can think of are the people who don’t have to , like, die now because they can’t be excluded from coverage, etc. To these people, I always say, if you want to complain about the health care system, don’t attack the first program in a while meant to EQUALIZE the system, attack the greedy drug and insurance and other medical companies that are jacking up the prices to make stuff so expensive in the first place. There is no good excuse for why an x-ray may cost 100 dollars one place and 500 somewhere else except gouging.
    *takes breath*
    So, good article. lol

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