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Of Fakers and Concern Trolls

Last week, I was having pain issues, so used the handicapped parking spot. A guy (we will call him Concern Troll, because he was SO CONCERNED that I might be gaming the system) came up to me as I got … Continue reading

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Not Your Contagion

There are some days when I realize that my anger is somewhat more personal than that of other people angry at the same thing, but that I don’t necessarily expect those who are supposed to be my allies in anger … Continue reading

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Further adventures with new health care providers. In addition to the skin thing and the pain thing, I have the eye thing. I have had cataract surgery done on both eyes, and am on record as one of the youngest … Continue reading

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Not Inspiration Porn

Just so that we are all clear on this, Hugh Herr’s TED talk about advances in creating bionic limbs is NOT inspiration porn. It is an amazing marriage of determination and high-tech that gives people back their lives. Herr’s notion … Continue reading

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Make ’em Laugh

I hate breaking in new doctors. It is just about the worst part of being one of Those Patients. I’ve written previously about this. Because of my switch to ObamaCare at the beginning of year, I had to switch doctors. … Continue reading

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