Update from the Coalmine

Back in September, I had blogged about feeling like a canary in a coalmine when it came to whether or not ObamaCare would work. Well, I am now back with an update. Yes, yes, it has taken a while for me to get around to it. But, as you shall soon see, there are good reasons for that.

I have spent the last three years searching for a full-time job. Not that I really relished going to work for somebody else, but that my need for insurance coverage necessitated it. I had no luck (insert grumblings about aging out of the job market here).

I applied for insurance for myself and my husband under ACA in mid-December, still not certain that I would be accepted. At the beginning of January, I was able to get myself and him covered for less than what I had been paying to just cover myself under COBRA.

About a week after that, in the midst of yet another fruitless round of staring at  job ads that wanted — to borrow from Portlandia — a “linkalist,” rather than a journalist, I had a revelation. I did not *need* to apply for that job. Or any job, really. With affordable insurance coverage, I could instead do what I really wanted with my career.

So here I am, two months into working for myself full time. I am happier now than I had been for the past three years. I have gotten in more work now than I had when I was just treating it as a stop gap until I found a “real job.”

There are a few bumps in this road (I am currently wrangling with my insurance company to get my Lyrica approved). Nevertheless, this is the road I am on, for better or worse.

And, to borrow from Robert Frost, that has made all the difference.

(Interested in hiring me as your academic/medical/STEM editor? Please visit my professional portfolio site at http://thatwordgrrl.com)



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3 Responses to Update from the Coalmine

  1. JanetM says:

    I am glad it seems to be working for you; I hope it continues to do so.

  2. onyxpnina says:

    1. Yaaaay, you! for finding a career path that works for you! (And cautiously echoing JanetM’s comment.)
    2. You are, of course, the conservatives’ nightmare. Heh heh.

  3. Melanie says:

    So happy for you! Glad things did work out!

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