So This One Night in Bangkok…

Goodness knows I’ve had some…interesting…responses to my disability. I’ve been thrown off an airplane, mocked by a middle-aged transvestite, and had an entire ER rig called out on my behalf. Today,  however, may have been the first instance of Serious Oversharing in response to my disability.

I stopped at a local diner for lunch today. As I was standing there waiting for the waitress, a guy at one of the booths asked me if I had recently been to Thailand.

Me: (blink) Uhhhh…no

Guy (almost boasting): Yeah, I got a rash like that after my trip to Thailand. Probably one of the hookers!

Me: (blink) Uhhhh…no.

He then turned back to his dining companions and continued his conversation about the chances for That Sports Team in an upcoming matchup against That Other Sports Team. Matter-of-fact as you please, as if he had just not announced to an entire restaurant full of people that he caught the cooties as a result of a hooker tour of Thailand.

Now after I recovered from the initial TMI Bonding Moment, several thoughts ran through my brain:

  • Wow, if I had enough spare money to take a trip to Thailand, I think I’d want more than just a brothel-stop tour.
  • Was he asking ME if I’d caught the cooties from a Thai hooker?
  • Was that his girlfriend/wife sitting next to him?

Now perhaps he was just having what he thought was a laugh with me. So…scratch the first thought off the list. That STILL leaves me pondering thoughts #2 and #3.

So my hat  off to you, sir, for providing a most…unique…bonding experience. And of course, because I am a geek at heart, this entire thought process had its very own soundtrack:

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2 Responses to So This One Night in Bangkok…

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. This most recent one just leaves me shaking my head. .
    Growing up around older folks & people with disabilities, I occasionally noticed how incredibly rude certain people could be. Now I’m at the receiving end, it’s become clear how appallingly common this rudeness is. Your posts help bring to light some unhealthy assumptions and behaviors.

  2. spaceechik says:

    Wow, just wow. I’m assuming you didn’t discount surmise #1 due to it’s improbability. Anyone who’s that clueless *would* be gauche enough to say something like that to surrounding diners is definitely gauche enough to repeat it next to a wife/whatever. Makes me cringe, just to read it.

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