Find Your Thing

Yes, yes, this blog has been sadly neglected. As is my wont, I’ve tossed myself off the Cliffs of Insanity with a completely different project. Which rather is the point of this particular entry.

It’s all too easy for those of us with chronic pain and/or disabilities to lose that desire to toss ourselves headlong into something we are passionate about. If we have limited physical and emotional resources, the notion of starting a new project may seem daunting and overwhelming.

But maybe, just maybe, we need something a little daunting in our lives to motivate us. Ghods know this project has been daunting for me.  I have a dreadful habit of taking big bites, and this has been no exception. Maybe I should have started with something smaller. Something with a scope not quite so epic.

On the other hand, the rewards have been just as immense. My crazy little project has gotten 3,000 hits in two weeks. I’ve handed out 500 ribbons in that same amount of time. I’ve garnered the attention of at least one big name within SF (shhh…not saying who). Donations have covered the next batch of ribbons.

So yeah. Daunting. Scary. And massively rewarding.

Which may be the ultimate lesson I have to impart from this. If it doesn’t scare you, at least a little, it might not be worth doing. Go forth. Find your thing. And let it scare you, at least a little. Because the rewards will be worth that moment of stark “OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE???” terror.

Peace, out.


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