Pretty Pretty Princess Redeux – SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 3.19 OF GLEE (PROM-ASAURUS)

I’m beginning to think I can just do a weekly Glee rant for this blog. Because, once again, it fails miserably at disability issues. If you recall, I had already predicted that Quinn would walk again, because the pretty popular ones are never permanently disabled.

So have a picture of our pretty pretty princess as spoiler space:

And there’s Quinn’s big climactic moment, where she bravely gets up out of her wheelchair to sing with Santana. Which, in and of itself is already infuriating because, again, only losers in life remain disabled (i.e., Artie). Quinn is not a loser, so she gets to recover.

But there’s even more on top of that. The entire basis of Quinn’s campaign for homecoming queen (up until she gets whapped upside the head with a conscience and abdicates her throne in favor of Rachel) is a cheap ploy for sympathy.

“Poor Quinn! So much to live for, yet so cruelly cut down in her prime!” Which she milks for all it is worth, even though she can stand and walk. It’s disability as a cheap play for sentiment.

Here’s the truth. Disability is not a sympathy ploy. I’m not out to garner pity. In fact, being told I am the object of pity just makes me angry. It comes across as somebody trying to find a way to salve their guilty conscience that their first thought upon seeing me is “Thank my lucky stars I’m not her!” It has the aftertaste of “we must be kind to those less fortunate than us.”

So for Quinn to deliberately set out to use her (temporary) disability to garner sympathy and pity is doubly infuriating. Bad enough that she is granted the magickal recovery. But to use that to con people into voting for her because they feel sorry for the poor little crippled girl is worse.

I don’t want your pity. it’s awkward and uncomfortable. Not to mention it clashes with the rest of my wardrobe. My reason for living is not to make you feel better about yourself. In short: my disability is not about you.

So I’ll cut you a deal. if you promise not to look at me with those pity eyes, I promise not to deliberately manipulate you into feeling that way.

Sadly, Quinn cannot do that. She’s already taken the easy route of going for the cheap sentimentality.



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