Where HAS the day gone?

It’s almost midnight here, and I only just found out today is Blogging Against Disabelism Day. Now you may wonder, given the general nature of this blog why I was not all over this at 7 am. I mean, if you listen to certain segments of society, those of us with disabilities are just lazy bums looking to ride the gravy train to Easy Street.

So lemme break it down for you why I am not getting to this until now.

Most of today was taken up with — yes, really — actual work. As in getting paid cashy-money. Which seems rather to take priority when one is a freelancer.

However, all work makes That Word Grrl boring, so I did actually get out for a bit. Of course, that was to run some errands that had been put off for the past week, including mailing out packages to people who had paid (there’s that word again)  for some items from my Etsy site.

In between all of this fun and excitement was arranging for Mother’s Day, calling my mother to check in on her after my uncle’s recent death last week, a followup call with the vet regarding the Elder Statescat who underwent oral surgery yesterday, and a call for a job interview.

Notice how nowhere in my day did I find room for lounging on the sofa and eating bonbons while living in the lap of luxury off your tax dollars. Or, it would seem, blogging about disabelism. Instead, large chunks of it were taken up with the same sort of things that nondisabled people do — earning money, being a Good Daughter, and seeing to the welfare of my cat.

I guess I was just too busy attempting to have a normal life. Perhaps I shall do better next year. Or perhaps not, which may simply mean I was too busy filling my day with necessary activities. I’d rather like that, really.


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2 Responses to Where HAS the day gone?

  1. Mary says:

    Yesterday, I spent half an hour curled up on the sofa, relaxing and eating grapes (although if it’s more satisfying to imagine bonbons, go ahead). I enjoyed every mouthful, I enjoyed every minute. Chilling out on my own sofa for half an hour eating a snack is something I am *entirely* within my rights to do once in a while, just like every person, disabled, nondisabled, employed, self-employed, unemployed, on welfare, whatever. It’s not criminal activity.

    Particularly when my condition flares, and I’m incapable of doing anything *but* lying in bed or on the sofa, eating snack-foods because I can’t sit or stand in the kitchen long enough to prepare a meal, I wonder why “the taxpayer” objects to me doing that. Would it be better if I laid on the floor? Cos that’s really the only other option…

  2. thatwordgrrl says:

    Well and that’s the other part of it. A healthy person doesn’t get chastised for lounging on the sofa eating grapes (or bonbons). Neither do they get chastised if, once in a while, they are under the weather. Yes we do get scolded for that.

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