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The Rich Are Not Like You and Me

Somebody had linked to this article about frustrated parents funding researchers to study their children’s rare diseases. Now, I am a big proponent of crowdfunding. I believe in paying artists for their work. That being said, this concept of essentially … Continue reading

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Grrl Power

Last Saturday, I met up with my friend Dani at Bats Day. We had a grand day of fine gothy shopping. I bought a rockin’ punk messenger bag, amazing smellies from BPAL, and some fun and frothy ribbon pony falls. … Continue reading

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Not Your Social Experiment

I’ve learned over the years that there are certain keywords people use that tell me the conversation is not going to end well. One of those is the phrase “social experiment.” Invariably, it means some sort of elaborate scam carried … Continue reading

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Pretty Pretty Princess Redeux – SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 3.19 OF GLEE (PROM-ASAURUS)

I’m beginning to think I can just do a weekly Glee rant for this blog. Because, once again, it fails miserably at disability issues. If you recall, I had already predicted that Quinn would walk again, because the pretty popular … Continue reading

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Where HAS the day gone?

It’s almost midnight here, and I only just found out today is Blogging Against Disabelism Day. Now you may wonder, given the general nature of this blog why I was not all over this at 7 am. I mean, if … Continue reading

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