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When the Excluded Exclude

Caveat the First: I was not at Pantheacon. Instead, I lost five pounds in 24 hours due to food poisoning. Caveat the Second: I do not self-identify as pagan. Apparently, there was a public ritual held there, specified as being … Continue reading

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I suspect most people really don’t like changing insurance. Forms to fill out, checking that your doctor takes the new insurance, getting prescriptions transferred…it’s all a pain in the ass, plain and simple. However, if you are somebody with chronic … Continue reading

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Up Your Standards

Not long ago, somebody linked me to this, as a tale of a fellow freelance editor/writer with a chronic illness who was struggling in the current economy. And instead, I came away with a very different response. Dear Fellow Writer/Editor: … Continue reading

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