The Girl With the Anime Hair

Several years ago, I had a job where, right in the HR manual, it said “no unnatural hair color.” Which seemed odd to me, as I never went to any of the trade shows or came in contact with any of our clients. That being the case, why did it matter what color my hair was? Furthermore, being the observant type, I noticed that our top sales guy had wrist tattoos, which he never covered. He was allowed to have permanent tattoos, but I could not have anime-colored hair?

So in a fit of rebellion, I decided to put the “no unnatural hair color” rule to the test. I started off small, with maroon highlights. No response from HR. It graduated to violet purple highlights. Nope, no response. So I upped the ante to having the entire middle layer of my hair fire engine red. Still nothing by the time that job and I parted ways.

But there was a curious side effect of this. Everybody *but* HR noticed. And they all loved it. I had complete strangers demand to know who did my hair (I carry around cards for my amazing Punk!Salon for just this purpose*).  For once, I was noticed not for something I wanted people to ignore, but for something I wanted them to see.

It may seem shallow and vain to put giant fuchsia streaks in my hair (that’s what I have right now). It may seem like I’m demanding attention. And, at some level, that’s true. But it’s more than that.

It’s my way of saying “Hey, notice me! But notice me for something other than that disability thing! Notice me for something I want to show to the world!”

I want to be That Girl With the Anime Hair. Because that girl? Is more than just a disability.

*Salon Pop, in Long Beach, Calif.

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2 Responses to The Girl With the Anime Hair

  1. I understand and also rock the colors not found on human heads in nature.

    You never have as many unexpected conversations with strangers as you do when you have peacock blue and green hair.

    But the thing I like about it is very basic. It makes me happy. And it’s an easy thing to change about myself so it’s an easy way to give my mood a prod.

  2. CaitieCat says:

    My purple hair was so glorious, I had it for 18 months, and when I stopped, people kept asking me when I’d go back to my “natural purple”.

    I’m actually now bright blue, which is pretty cool, and heading for green when next I change (when I feel like it). My hair is silver-grey all over, and takes the dye beautifully. I’m working my way down the rainbow (purple first, now blue, next green, then yellow, orange, and bright red – and I’m trying to figure out a way to represent INFRARED hair!). I love your description of it as anime hair, because I’ve just started watching anime, and I kept thinking how cool it was that they all looked like the way I like my hair to look, bizarre colours and wild styles.

    Great post. Sorry to raise the zombie thread, but just wanted to say “AWESOME!”

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