Not Your Fashion Statement

OK, today we are going to talk about fashion. Yes, really. But first, we need to do some background reading. First, read this. Then, go read that.

OK, back now? Good! As somebody who spends a great deal of time wearing leggings or bike shorts not because she wants to make a fashion statement, but because it makes me *hurt less*, it shouldn’t take much to figure out that my thoughts on the matter are more in like with that than this.

Here’s the thing: leggings have uniform pressure against my legs, so they aren’t constantly being irritated by loose fabric brushing against them.

That was easy, now wasn’t it?

Or, apparently not, for people who insist on seeing clothing as nothing more than a fashion statement (or some sort of value to pass on to your kids, whatever THAT means). It’s judging me by a completely irrelevant standard. I make my everyday clothing choices based on comfort and not out of a need to violate somebody else’s concept of what does and does not constitute proper pantwear.

Frankly, as long as my clothing covers all the bits necessary to prevent my being arrested for public nudity, is relatively clean, and doesn’t convey any offensive messages, that’s about where it stops in terms of other people getting to judge my clothing as inappropriate.

Sadly, the author of this might have been better off teaching her child the value of not judging people by their clothing choices, but instead seeing beyond that. Even more sad, I’m not expecting that of her.

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6 Responses to Not Your Fashion Statement

  1. Jenny says:

    People will make judgements all the time about the way you look. That’s the way humans are. The only thing you can do is make them keep their judgements to themselves. Try wearing leggings to a job interview and see how far you get.

    • megandel says:

      Leggings can look like tight pants.. I wouldnt wear tight pants to a job interview. we arent saying they are suitable for every occasion (weddings/job interviews/in the shower) but for some group to talk about legging wearers like they are some sort of heathens is ridiculous.
      and to be honest, anyone taking fashion advice from certain ‘leggings arent pants’ activists, really need to take a look in a room or mirrors.
      I wear leggings because I love them, they are comfortable and they look amazing! They aren’t ‘tight’ they arent see thru and there are many varied forms.

  2. thatwordgrrl says:

    Well, yes. I wouldn’t wear them to a job interview (or actually ON the job) because in that context, it would not be appropriate.

    However, “Leggings are not pants” is a much broader generalization than saying “leggings are not appropriate to wear in the workplace.” The former reads as “Don’t wear them EVER, because it makes you a fashion disaster!” versus “They are not professional enough for the office.”

    My point — and I did have one — is that telling me that I shouldn’t wear them EVER because you find them to be a fashion don’t is assuming that my first and foremost reason for wearing them *at all* has to do with fashion. It doesn’t.

  3. Kathie Goblirsch says:

    I was raised by a mother who only had a few rules about clothing: is it well-made? does it look good (in MY opinion) on me? and MOST important of all — is it COMFORTABLE???
    I still use those rules. And “nertz” to anyone who wants to chide me for it.

  4. fallconskat says:

    funny…my mama just gave me a BUNCH of very gently worn clothes yesterday. and she told me “oooh that sweater goes down your thighs, it would look cute with leggings!”

    there’s a time and a place for everything. the black tank top and coca-cola sleep pants i’m wearing right now is perfectly suitable for cleaning the closet and doing laundry (and taking the dog out) but i wouldnt wear them to the grocery. just like the velour sweater i hung up a bit ago wouldnt really work for a summer day at the beach, but its lovely for a stroll along an outdoor mall during january in houston.

    i say pay attention to your own clothing and let the critics keep their eyes on the football game, where it counts. cause man, can THOSE pants get ANY tighter? whew! 😉

  5. caia says:

    That hadn’t occurred to me, about the leggings particularly. But, I definitely agree about how clothing is much more than fashion or style.

    I put comfort way ahead of style — and I probably would even if I weren’t chronically ill. The chronic illness just means that I have that much less energy on a daily basis to deal with clothing that’s hard to put on and take off, hard to keep in place, or that makes it harder to rest. And if that means I look shlubby in public, or people assume I’m a lesbian because of my shoes, so be it.

    I’ve been known to agree with the statement that tights are not pants, but that’s less about fashion judgment and more about the over-active empathy for a person who I suspect isn’t aware that their coverings are see-through.

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