Keep Calm and Shop Indie

As a break from my usual rantings and ravings, I am providing a PSA for all you holiday shoppers in the form of some fabulous indie artists whom are far more worthy of your hard-earned Giftmas dollars than Amazon or the House the Geoffrey the Giraffe Built.

Remember, buy from your favorite indie artistans/crafters this season!

Got a fave indie artist I forgot? Add ’em in comments!

And so, in no particular order:

Honey&Ollie: All the pretty shiny things, with whimsy and glitter! Check out her “Once Upon a Time” collection!

Tangible Daydreams: All manner of dyed things and gourdy things.

Pennamite: Show your love for women who broke barriers by carrying one of these stylish and fun bags or cases!

Texas Triffid Ranch: For the person who has everything else, why not buy them an orchid or a pitcher plant? Bet they haven’t got THAT already!

Gryphon Song Gems: Combining historic Celtic designs with modern technology, with amazing outcomes!

Big Circle Jewelry: Cogs and gears and steampunk jewelry, oh my!

Saadja Designs: For all my bellysistahs out there — gorgeous dance bras and belts made of leather and other fun bits!

Blue Moon Designs: Shake yer bouti in these fabulous pocket belts with removable bustles!

Faraday Bags Fun bags that put a little steampunk into your everyday life.

Stargazer: And now for something different — a wonderous graphic novel of three girls in a strange land. Von’s artwork reminds me of storyboards for Quentin Tarantino’s next film. Please, check out his work!

Bloodsoaked and Contagious: This ebook is a awesome mashup of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series with the movie Zombieland. OK, yes, you gotta buy it from Amazon, but it is self-published. Remember, zombie is the new black!

Reclaimed Whimsy: Pretty pretty steampunk bracelets and things.

Haberdashery Accesories: Because no girl’s outfit is complete without a hat!

Phoenix Beadwork: Beads shiny!

Mayfaire Moon: If you saw the pics of the fabulous Tardis corset running around the Internet, that’s Nikki’s work! Besides, aren’t corsets supposed to make you look smaller on the outside?

Eggs by Bronxelf: Yes, that’s a real egg. And you can have a custom one of your very own by contacting Elf at bronxelf [at] damnedgooddesign [dot] com. Elf also helped with the design of the Tardis corset.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Fabulously complex scents for fabulously complex people!

Arcana Soaps: Devilishly delish soaps and perfumes!

Magical Fashions: Tribal bellydance stuff to make you feel…well..magical.

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