Are you there, Ghod? It’s me, That Word Grrl.

It’s 3 am, Ghod. And I can’t sleep because it hurts too much. I’ve tossed and turned for four hours now, but can’t sleep.

So here I am, Ghod. And I have questions. Which means you better have some answers.

Why? Why did you do this to me? I don’t recall doing anything so horrible as to be sentenced to this. What unimaginable sin did I commit?

Or possibly, Ghod, if you are in a more Buddhist frame of mind, it was something I did in a previous life. Did I step on a bug, therefore condemning me to come back this way in another life?

Actually, Ghod, I’m not sure I believe in you at all. Why would a ghod who is supposed to be kind and loving do this to somebody? Why would YOU do this to somebody?

So here we are, Ghod, you and I. At 3 am. I am angry and tired and hurting.

I have questions, Ghod. But you have no answers.



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