Stalker on Aisle Three

Today’s topic is again about being out and about among the living. Or more precisely, about the web site People of Walmart. Admit it, you’ve gone there, right? You’ve giggled at the mullets or the kid with his jeans barely covering the twig and berries, haven’t you?

Now I will admit, as a Child of the ’80s, mullets can be pretty damn hilarious. And the Sweet Baby Jeebus knows that I’ve been more than a little tempted to walk up to the kid with the too-low jeans and yank them up *really hard.*

But at the end of the day, that web site bothers me, not just because it encourages Pointing and Laughing, or even the vaguely stalkery part about encouraging people to snap pictures of Mr. Mullet without his knowledge. No, it bothers me because it blurs the line between bad fashion choice and people like me, who have no choice in their appearance.

See, Mr. Mullet can change his hairstyle. The kid can buy jeans that fit properly. I’ll bet you’d walk right by Mr. Mullet the day after he got that haircut and not even realize it was him.

But if you have a visible disability, you can’t just go to Floyd’s Barber Shop to get a little taken off the top or the men’s department at Walmart for new jeans. No, you are just…you. Warts, bumps, and all.

But, people understand the difference! They know not to point and laugh (let alone take unsolicited pictures) of somebody with a walker, or an amputated arm, and then post them on a web site somewhere!

Sadly, I can’t trust that. I’ve been subjected to the stares, the whispers and the pointing. So what’s a little stalker action of somebody taking my picture for other people to laugh at me in the comfort and safety of their own home?

Somewhere, I might add, where they don’t have to be out in public and have other people laugh at their appearance. Or, you know, stalk them on Aisle 3 for the LULZ.

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1 Response to Stalker on Aisle Three

  1. Jim says:

    Actually, no. I haven’t gone there. Don’t understand the attraction.

    Wrong species?

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