The “It Girl”

Day Four for Speak Out With Your Geek Out. I promise to return to the usual crankiness next week!

In doing these articles, I am beginning to see how my disability affects my geekiness. It informs the places where I choose to geek, as well as how I choose to show off my geekitude.

A great example of this is my Costume Geekery. Give me any opportunity to dress up in a costume, and I am so there! There is a reason Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Aside from the fact that it plays right into my magpie hindbrain (oohh….prettyshinies!), it gives me a time and place to be noticed for more than just my skin. If somebody is admiring my latest steampunk costume and wants to know where I got that amazing foofy bustle, they aren’t looking at my arms and legs. They aren’t wondering if I am contagious. They are seeing me as the girl with that amazing foofy bustle. In short, I get to be The It Girl.

This is what also led me to bellydancing. If I am dancing, people see the Purty Dancin’ Girl. For the two or three minutes of the dance, I am graceful and beautiful. All the things I struggle to see within myself the rest of the time. But for those few precious minutes, I get to be something more. The It Girl.

I remember first starting out in dance and being very frustrated because I could not memorize the choreography for the beginner’s dance. I would come home from class and sob to Himself that I’d never get to perform with the other girls or wear the pretty costumes. I finally quit because I felt dumb and stupid for not being able to remember a simple two-minute routine.

A dear friend who heads up her own troupe finally suggested I look into tribal improv dancing. Rather than a set choregoraphy, there is a vocabulary of different moves. There is one girl in the lead who strings together those moves however she wishes and “cues” the girls behind her to play follow the leader. I took her advice. I learned more in four months of tribal improv than I had in three years of choreographed dance. I was not dumb. I was not stupid. I simply needed to learn dance by being “in the moment” and not worrying about what came next.

So  yes, I got to wear the pretty costume. I got to be that Purty Dancin’ Girl. I got to be the It Girl.

Or, as Himself wryly notes: If you dress me up on a Saturday night, you CAN take me anywhere.

Peace, Out

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One Response to The “It Girl”

  1. Danicia says:

    Oh yay! I hadn’t heard this story before! ❤

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