The other side of Speak Out With Your Geek Out

This week is Speak Out With Your Geek Out. And yes, I do intend to let my geek flag fly.

But today is for the other side of it. The sad truth is that geek hierarchy is just like the jock hierarchy we hated in high school. The only difference is in the metrics. Geeks will proudly talk about how they banded together because they were treated as The Other by that jock hierarchy. And I understand that, well and truly I do. But this is the problem I have:

When I get made into a sideshow freak or a teachable moment within geekdom, I’m actually being turned into The Other by people who cry that they have been treated that exact same way. It not just makes me resentful and angry, it makes me despair for ever finding a home in geekdom.

Speak Out With Your Geek Out is all about being proud to be a geek. Of raising your geeky voices in solidarity. All to the good, say I. But when I find myself in the awkward position of being treated as the biggest sideshow freak in the sideshow freak tent, it just leaves me bitter, sad and tired.

Be a geek. Go ye forth and Geek Out. Fill  your hearts and your souls with Geeky Glee. But for the love of Ghod’s lil’ green apples, don’t turn it into some sort of hierarchy. That’s not overcoming stereotypes. That’s just making those stereotypes acceptable because geeks are the one perpetuating them.

Peace, Out

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2 Responses to The other side of Speak Out With Your Geek Out

  1. Lisa Harrigan says:

    The other side of the other side of the coin is that we are Female Geeks. Females are Not supposed to be Geeks. Yes, we can be, yes, they show female geeks on tv and movies. But we are always considered some how “wrong” or weird, even for geeks. Thus we need to be geekier than normal to be accepted.
    Luckily, not all of Geekdom suffers from this, but enough of them do.
    I’ve seen the surprised looks when I understand a geek joke. Or want to talk about geek computer or other geek stuff. I’ve coded on punch cards. I’ve earned my geek creds.
    Nope I don’t like that either.

  2. Danicia says:

    This is my hope, too. People don’t want to talk about the bullying that goes on in geekdom/fandom, which is just as bad as the non-geeks doing it. I think it is even more hurtful, really, because you don’t expect to find that with something you *love*. I hope everyone who blogs takes that view; we should be supporting each other and not “one-upping” each other or looking down on the hobbies others enjoy.

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